Males(Cuckolds), Our in your face world of sexual inuendo and titilation needs to stop. It is disrespectful and makes it near impossible for someone on the level to earn the trust of real women. I'm not talking about the fakes in this community who want to take advantage of our reverence for the better gender. They are products of "The Lies of Men" and like the men who made them that way are evil. The humility visited on women by men has to be paid back. It is why you see this boom in women interested in humiliating men, some who want to ruin those men financially in the process. Can you blame them when you sit at home all day with your pants around your ankles and toss the absolute 'crap' at them which you do. For some of us this has nothing to do about sex but about love at a spiritual level. I love women so much i will lay down my life for them and you should too. Stop thinking with your dicks for 5 damn minutes and take in the beauty of the folks you do this to. That's not love, That's nothing but blatant disrespect For the very person God made us all biggger to serve and protect. You are not God i assure you and every woman out there knows it.
Act like Gentlemen and serve a woman selflessly. When she trusts your intention you will know the love you seek.
Thank you for your time

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