Is it just me?
Posted March 5, 2011 by BeMyPracticeDummy in Experiences
I have searched and searched on this site for people in Massachusetts. Is there a reason why I'm not finding ANYONE? Am I doing something wrong. I've kept my search criteria very basic and nothing...............Or are there just not a lot of users of this site? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? :o)
kittygirl mina
been awhile since i had the nerve to post here, and apparently havent gotten a single message or anything. talk about a letdown D;

but seriously, WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE! -runs around searching for you all-
BDSM Tweets
Posted January 18, 2011 by GoodManNCharg
Women are submissive by nature. Men are stupid by nature
Posted January 28, 2011 by sissymelissa in Rants
What's on your mind?Facebook is being the gestapo of the internet and deleting accounts of AB's. I had over 600 ab friends on facebook and then on thursday they dropped dramatically. Over 100 disappeared in one day. Today I went online and tried to log into my account. Guess what. I was told I have been banned. Now there is no reason, no appeal process and bad luck basically
Tags: Facebook
i am a slave
Posted April 12, 2011 by willypets
i need a master that would make me serve him for the rest of my life..i hope i would meet him soon.....i am a full time slave
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