a road less travelled...
Posted March 25, 2011 by slavemozzer in Rants
so that phrase ... "a road less travelled".... means alot to so many in so many ways.

The exact meaning, pyhsically walking to a goal, for a reason, for sponsership for a personal achievement, the list goes on.

The abstract meaning, career goals and achievments, family life and parenting, and the list goes on.

Then its to the bdsm slant, as in my life. The seach through life for the ultimate femdom partner, to live with, with the rest of life thats left, in a Loving Female Relationship with TPE and FLR as the cornerstones of that relationship. If only She is out there.... be that close, or far, She has to be out there.

The road is indeed less trvelled, not though in this journey!!

Just up and around the next corner.. just maybe.......
Tags: TPE, FLR