Always control your space
Posted February 19, 2018 by anneeka01 in Rants
i will not read a few pages on the internet, have a look through a book and then declare myself an experience domme with many years experience and several "trained submissive" under my belt. i have taken the time and trouble to attend workshops and seminars and have perhaps had some lessons from or sought advice from other dominants more experienced thank myself. i care about the people around me, and though i can be authoritative and controlling and powerful, i have the utmost respect for others and a high level of care and consideration. i take responsibility for the submissive in my life, i control and dominate them, but i am empathetic to them and sympathetic to their needs, understanding hat for any submission to give their best, they must be secure and confident in their submission.
i don't have to demand respect, i get that anyway. i don't have to announce to the world who i am, because my reputation and respect of my peers precede me. i do not say "my way or the highway" but more "My way, but we can discuss it and i will explain it so that you can understand what i am asking of you" and i don't have to blow my own trumpet