Dommina Nila
Who I Be
Posted April 24, 2016 by Dommina Nila
I am a sensual, sexual Dommina who enjoy being adored, admired, attended to, pampered and spoiled by a spirited and generous Alpha Male or a very sexy, sensual ultra feminine female.

I am into Goddess play - the more sensual, gentle side of dominance. I am not into extreme painful Dominance nor am I mean and aggressive. I have nothing against the human species that some Dommes have. For me, this is purity of will and desire. The bliss of being worshiped and adored by a strong alpha male or ultra feminine female who want to be at my feet, serving me who want to be the end result of my happiness and smile. I want my sub(s) to be in constant need of my pussy and body. That I alone would be his/her addiction and remedy in this lifestyle…

I desire each experience to be pleasurable for me and my sub(s). I can be very aggressive if pushed to my limit. I want to know that I have a sub(s) whose sole purpose is to be the ultimate slave. I punish, I spank, big on denial as well as release. I have high expectations of my slave(s) and most is due to what is promised to me by my sub(s).

I am most demanding but in a subtle way and my sub would know as the last thing they would want to do is disappoint me. I am big on receiving offerings from my sub(s) and will reward as a result of performance as I believe my sub(s) would be happy and fully engaged in the art of being in service to me.

I cage, I collar, I do sensual bondage and rope... love using strap-on to overpower my sub(s). I would rather bring pleasure to my sub for good behavior and accomplishing goals than to spend time disciplining in anger. Instead, I teach lessons through actions. I give direction and orders very well and I like to test sexual limits. However, I like to add mystery to my training. My sub(s) would never know what I am thinking, what I want to do, what I want my sub to do, what I will have them to do and what I will do to them.

In my D/s relationship I use contractual agreements, a guide book as wells as various media modes to help with training. I might have other Dommes to assist me in training my sub(s) too. I might…

As a Goddess, I am very caring in my Dominance practice My approach considers new age ideals to domination. I know my sub(s) will find my approach very interesting and fulfilling as I fashion my approach to my sub(s) needs as well as I my own. The relationship cultivated would be based on two mindsets of differing levels.

What I require most of my sub(s) is that they are obedient and loyal, interested in being my ultimate sub (s), want my total happiness, extremely oral, well hung (males), stay hard for long periods of time (males); females must be very oral, able to take my strap-on and both sexes must be capable of providing me slow, sensual, erotic, sexual pleasure all night long – yes I inflict and test on extreme sexual endurance.

What I is My True Sub
My true sub serves from the heart, does not need for their Goddess to drive them to do something, they serve willingly, gladly, eagerly and lovingly. My sub see their Goddess’ glass half empty and fills it, taking care of their Goddess’ needs sometimes before their Goddess realizes what it is I want.

My true sub does not need words of praise, the fact that I am content and comfortable is praise enough. When their Goddess tells them to come, they put down what they are doing and go gladly hoping that they can provide some small thing to ease the comfort of their Goddess. The light in the eyes of their Goddess or the touch of their Goddess hand on their head is high praise and will please my sub more than any award given. The first thing should enter my sub’s mind when awake is "what can I do to help my Goddess today" and the last thing their mind when going to sleep is knowing with joy that they served their Goddess well for the day.

You may call me
Dommina Nila
Viveca Valkyrie
Posted January 8, 2016 by Viveca Valkyrie in Rants
I got some profile pictures up and I have been trying to load up some scene pictures taken during sessions. I seem to be having difficulty suddenly up loading pictures. It just stays in the process of up loading. After waiting almost a half hour I tried again with the same result. I am giving up at this time and will try again later.

So more pictures will be coming soon. I just have to get them up loaded.
I'm a Dominant Woman
Posted November 1, 2014 by Lavinia
My name is Lavinia, and I’m a naturally dominant Woman who has been a demanding, but fair Mistress for over five years now. I have recently moved to London, and I’m seeking new slaves/subs over 30 in the Greater London area. Please note that I’m not a proDomme, and I do not wish to meet professional slaves. Also note that I will NOT consider any impersonal, anodyne responses of the “pls Madam let me worship you” kind – which, to my mind, show an unforgivable lack of consideration and respect. It is my wish to be approached with appropriately articulate, personalized messages, illustrating your desires and aspirations, and explaining what you are and what are not prepared to do, or to submit to. Feel free to add any detail you deem of interest to me, so that I can assess whether you have the imagination and mental attitude that I value above anything else in a slave. If interested, write me a private message here
hey everyone
Posted October 15, 2014 by loveandsexchic
i am new on here and i dont know how to go around this site... i need some enlightenment
Empress Jeressa Dianne LOu Smith
Hi! I'm Empress Jeressa Dianne L. Smith ,My Domination scenarios are strict, controlling, firm, and demanding, I am a natural Domina and have been for as long as I can remember. I love the power I have over my submissive. I am the Mistress always in control and they are there to serve and worship me, as I deserve to be.
I am strong and a very strict Mistress
... I was born with firm principles therefore I am superior... seeking slaves online, long term, and in real life.
I maybe evil, yet I am loving... sadistic though kind... Don't bother to send me a message if you are not ready to serve and submit....
I want to meet subs or slaves who know what they really crave in life...who knows where they stand... who need to obey and follow My orders...
Accept a total exchange of power. You must be under my full control...
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