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Show Me your devotion and loyalty
Searching for my slave to come and join me in florida so we can have a lot of fun and we can play with my toys I promest that you would love it you would have your own pony tail,Nipple Clamps,Compact Door Love Swing,Collar With Leash and I will take care of you and you would take care of your Master truest me know you're going to love it and you will see that we are going to have a good time together.
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Posted November 21, 2017 by mistressnancy69 in Rants, Experiences, Society
mistress seeks submissive male for a bdsm encounter, i want a man willing to be under my servitude and dominance.
I am a dominant girl...seeking for a loyal and submissive guy for some nice sessions text me
Angela Regina
(863) 999-7125
Empress Jeressa Dianne LOu Smith
Hi! I'm Empress Jeressa Dianne L. Smith ,My Domination scenarios are strict, controlling, firm, and demanding, I am a natural Domina and have been for as long as I can remember. I love the power I have over my submissive. I am the Mistress always in control and they are there to serve and worship me, as I deserve to be.
I am strong and a very strict Mistress
... I was born with firm principles therefore I am superior... seeking slaves online, long term, and in real life.
I maybe evil, yet I am loving... sadistic though kind... Don't bother to send me a message if you are not ready to serve and submit....
I want to meet subs or slaves who know what they really crave in life...who knows where they stand... who need to obey and follow My orders...
Accept a total exchange of power. You must be under my full control...
Miss Confessionals
I found this site and figured I would try it out. A lot like Fetlife but that's cool I suppose.

I'm of course looking for subs. All that information can be found out by talking to me or checking out my profile. Smile
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