Who are we?

We are a Dom/sub couple who have been together for a few years. We are both educated professionals and both enjoy a successful vanilla life which then turned into a BDSM lifestyle behind closed doors as this is our choice.In our time together we have grown as a couple and have discovered the truest, deepest form of love for one another that only those in this lifestyle can achieve.

What do we hope to accomplish?

We have frequented many of the “lifestyle…? associations,and attended munches. What we have discovered is that many of the people involved in the more public of these clubs have been less than sincere in their motives and far less than honest in regards to their experiences or desires. It is with this in mind, and, with a desire to meet others of a like disposition that we have decided to offer this vehicle to those of us who wish to live the D/s lifestyle in a more sophisticated, upscale environment.

The article located below is an opinion under the name of “VillmarB? for the sub/slave that may have an interest in having him as your Master/Dom. Although we feel he has a very good outlook on a D/s relationship, please understand that this is not a requirement of our members… It simply is reprinted here with his permission.

Above all else he cherishes his submissive in the knowledge that the gift she gives him is the greatest of all. He can be demanding at times and may take full advantage of the power given to him, but knows how to share the pleasure and show the respect that comes from that precious gift.

He is in control of himself first and foremost, so that he may guide his sub to new areas of arousal and pleasure. As a firm Dom, he can cause his sub to shed real tears, not from pain but wanting to please him because she is always pleased and taken care of by him.. As the consummate lover, he will then kiss the tears away without ever stepping out of character. His goal is never to hurt but to be able to control their emotional situations.

In times of trouble, a Dominant will leave the roles behind to be a supportive friend and partner, never forgetting that this is still a loving relationship between two caring individuals. He is quick to understand the differences between fantasy and reality. He would never ask a submissive to put him before her career or family just to satisfy his own pleasure. He is kind and wise.

To win the mind of his submissive, body and soul, he knows he must first win her trust and heart. He will show his submissive humor, kindness, and warmth. He must also show her that his guidance and tutoring is knowledgeable and deserving of her attention, that this is a man she can learn from and trust his direction and respect.

He is romantic enough to be protective and chivalrous. When called upon, he will fight for his ladies' honor. He proves to her that he is someone she can lean on and depend on. He makes her feel safe. He is old-fashioned enough to be a bit of a chauvinist, yet modern enough to respect his woman. Quick to point out the differences between them, he also knows there is no inferiority in those differences.

 When it comes time to teach his submissive her lessons of obedience, he is a strong and unyielding professor. Never talking down to her but always being careful with not only what is said but also how it is said and what effect that will have on her and any discipline is always followed by forgiveness, love and then we move on.

He is a careful guide, with safety always his main concern. He knows how to use the "outskirts" of pain to extend the bounds of pleasure. He is a mentor who can bring her to the edges of her envelope, and gently show her the inner courage to reach new heights.

He is always open to communication and discussion, always ready to hear her wants and needs. He is patient, taking the time to learn her limits and knowing that as her trust of him grows so will they.

He never has to demand ritual behavior by her. She responds to him out of the want of pleasing him. Compliance comes from the wanting to please, not the fear of punishment. He understands the fragile nature of mind and body, and never violates the trust given to him.

He is secure enough to laugh at himself and the absurdities of life. Open minded enough to learn new things and strong enough to grow. His tools are mind, body, spirit and soul with a little help from rope, paddle and blindfold. He understands that each partner gains most from pleasuring the other and both of them know that love is the only binding that truly holds.

Do you want the training of a caring Master? Remember the only way a Master can lead is if his sub follows willingly. We both have to give to each other completely to create the proper environment.

The BAD Side. There are so many "wanna-be's" in the “lifestyle?. Insecure men are nothing more than bullies preying on weak women and they should all be ashamed. This is never about hitting, beating or in anyway being disrespectful of a woman. This way of life is not the freakish, public humiliation by walking someone on a leash down the street. This is a precious gift given by both to each other and shared in private. A wonderful secret shared by the two……...